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Switching your podcast's hosting to Spotify for Podcasters

You can easily migrate your podcast's hosting to Spotify for Podcasters without losing your existing episodes or listeners on other platforms in just a few steps.

1. Getting started

If you’ve already claimed your podcast in Spotify for Podcasters:

On web:

  1. Log in to Spotify for Podcasters
  2. If you have multiple podcasts, find the podcast you want to switch to Spotify hosting from Your podcasts or by clicking All podcasts to view the full list of shows you have access to.
    Note: You can only switch one podcast at a time.
  3. Click Host with us then Get started.
  4. Click Switch.

If you haven’t claimed your podcast in Spotify for Podcasters:

On web:

  1. Visit our Switch page
  2. Paste in your RSS feed or search for your podcast name and click Switch.
  3. Sign up for Spotify for Podcasters using a Spotify account.
    Note: If you don't have a Spotify account, you can create one for free.

2. Importing your episodes

Next, your podcast episodes and info will begin to import. You’ll need to wait until your podcast has fully imported before you move on to redirecting your feed. You'll be able to see the progress in Spotify for Podcasters.

If you have any trouble with your import, follow the steps on the Switch page or contact us. If you have an uncommon host or self-host your RSS feed, you may want to refer to our tips on importing your podcast.

3. Redirecting your feed

Once your import is complete, redirect your RSS feed so it points to your new Spotify for Podcasters RSS feed.

If you import your podcast but don't complete the redirect step, any new episodes you upload using Spotify for Podcasters won’t go out to your listeners.

  1. Click Copy RSS feed. It will look something like this:
  2. Head to your original podcast host and paste your Spotify for Podcasters RSS feed into the redirect field on your old host.
    Note: Some hosts may refer to it as a 301 redirect or moving your podcast away.

Here's more instructions on how to redirect from the following hosts:

If you have any issues redirecting your feed, check out these tips.

If you uploaded video episodes through Spotify for Podcasters before moving your podcast's hosting, they will be carried over as video episodes when you switch your host to Spotify with no additional steps needed. Those episodes will continue to appear as video on Spotify, and audio on other podcast players.

4. Confirm the redirect is in place

To confirm that your redirect worked:

  1. Click Check redirect status.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation message if your podcast has been redirected successfully!
    Note: If you see Redirect not complete, double-check that you’ve followed your old host’s steps to redirect your RSS feed. This update can sometimes take a few minutes or a few hours, depending on your old host.

Confirm that all your episodes are appearing on your Spotify for Podcasters episodes list. Once you’ve confirmed all things are set, you can close your account with your old host. You should only deactivate your account with your old host after you confirm that the redirect has worked.


Check out these tips if you run into any problems switching your podcast's hosting to Spotify for Podcasters.

Switching back to Spotify for Podcasters

If you originally hosted your podcast on Spotify for Podcasters (or previously Anchor), then moved to a different hosting platform, and are now migrating back to Spotify for Podcasters, you’ll need to create a new account on Spotify for Podcasters in order to switch. You will need to follow the full switch flow outlined above again to switch back.

How to import the episodes to Spotify for Podcasters

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