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Spotify on TV

Turn your TV into a stereo system!

With all sorts of ways to play, either direct on your TV, or from your mobile, tablet, or desktop, you can take your music to the big screen (popcorn not included).

Play Spotify on your TV 

The way to play varies across different TVs and regions. Check out some options below.

You can also visit Spotify Gear for information about specific models. If you don’t see yours there, you can check with your TV’s manufacturer.

Note: Some TVs require Spotify Premium.

With some TVs, Spotify is available in its collections of apps, so you can play it straight from your remote.

Even with older TVs, it’s possible to upgrade your entertainment system with a soundbar or streamer that supports Spotify Connect.

Trade your TV remote for your phone and control the music on the big screen from the mobile app.

For more information, check out Spotify Connect.

The genius Chromecast simply plugs into the back of your TV, enabling you to cast the Spotify app to the big screen.

Selected TVs from Sony & Philips come with Google Cast built-in, so you don’t even need a Chromecast!

Check out Spotify on Chromecast.

Easily play Spotify from your Apple device to your Apple TV.

Check out Spotify and AirPlay.

If your TV runs Android TV, you can download Spotify from the Google Play store and control it straight from your remote.

Note: Spotify on Amazon Fire TV is currently only available in the UK, US, Germany, and Japan.

With Spotify on Amazon Fire TV, you can browse and play your favorite albums, songs, and playlists using your Fire TV remote or phone.

  1. Ensure you have the correct version of Fire TV (Fire OS 5.0.5+). You can check and update your Amazon Device Software here.
  2. Download Spotify from your Fire TV app store.

Note: If you have Spotify on an earlier Fire OS version, you’ll need to uninstall it, upgrade to latest Fire OS, then download the Spotify app again from your Fire TV app store.

Listen as you game, or simply use your console as a stereo with PlayStation3™, PlayStation4™, and Xbox One.

Check out Spotify on games consoles.