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Purchase Audiobooks

Listen to audiobooks by discovering and unlocking titles on Spotify.

  • Purchase audiobooks from the web player
  • Play unlocked titles on the app from any of your devices
  • Download the entire audiobook to listen offline

Find audiobooks

Find an audiobook by title or author name in SearchSearch.

Or, browse through the audiobooks in our catalog.

  1. Go to Search Search.
  2. Under Browse All, select Audiobooks.
  3. Browse featured titles, or scroll down to browse by category.

Once you select a title, you can:

  • See the audiobook’s description, length, and rating
  • Check for an E tag to see if the audiobook contains adult content
  • Save Add Save the audiobook in case you want to purchase it later
  • Play a sample of the audiobook

Audiobooks you’ve unlocked or saved appear in Your Library under Audiobooks.

Purchase an audiobook

Note: Audiobook purchases are independent from Spotify Premium plans.

You can pay for audiobooks with the following methods:

  • Credit/debit card
  • PayPal

Audiobook payments can only be done through the web, but you can listen in the app once you’ve unlocked the title.

Note: You can listen to unlocked audiobooks only on the account where it was purchased.

You’ll get an email after the purchase is completed.

This one-time payment unlocks the title for your account and you can listen to the audiobook anytime on Spotify.

For more information, check out our Audiobook Purchase Terms and Conditions.

Play and download audiobooks

Once the audiobook is ready to play, it will appear unlocked in Your Library.

You can download the audiobook to listen to it offline, available on both Premium and free.

Audiobooks with extra material

Some audiobooks have extra material designed to enhance your listening experience.

Once you've unlocked an audiobook, you can view the material:

  1. In the email from Spotify, click the download link.
  2. Select your preferred browser and choose Download. The material will be automatically downloaded to your device.
  3. Look for the material in the Downloads folder on your browser.

Tip: For mobile devices, you can also try the following:

  1. Under the book’s description, select Extras.
  2. Select the material to view it on your device’s browser.

Note: If you've unlocked an audiobook with extra material but didn’t get an email, contact us.

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