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Premium for Students

With Premium for Students, you can get 50% off a Premium subscription for a whole year! You can renew every 12 months as long as you’re eligible.

 12 months

Get started

If you’re currently enrolled at an accredited college or university, you can apply for the Student discount today! Renew every 12 months as long as you’re eligible.

Note: You are allowed only one account with Student status at a time, and that status lasts for 12 months even if you cancel the subscription or close the account.

Happy studying!

Already have Premium?

That’s cool! The discounted rate will automatically begin on your next billing date. You can check the status of your subscription at any time.

Note: If you subscribed through any other company than Spotify (e.g. with your internet/mobile provider or iTunes), you need to cancel your existing subscription with them before signing up.

Need help?

If we’re unable to verify your student ID, you won’t be eligible to claim the Student discount. Please make sure:

  • You haven’t already claimed the discount on another Spotify account. Find other accounts.
  • Your school is listed. If you didn’t see your school in the list during sign up, we're afraid you're not eligble right now. 
  • You haven’t exceeded the 4-year limit. The discount lasts 12 months at a time, with the option to renew a maximum of 3 times as long as you're eligible. After 4 years, you're no longer eligible. 

We use SheerID to verify your student credentials, so if you’re still having trouble signing up you can get in touch with them.

You can also submit for manual verification (this can take up to 3 working days to process). For more info, check out SheerID FAQs.

No. You are entitled to only one account with the student discount at a time, and that discount lasts for 12 months even if you cancel the subscription or close the account.

If you want to apply your student discount to another account, you need to wait until 12 months have elapsed since you first signed up for it on your current account.

If your college/university doesn’t appear on the list provided, you can request SheerID to get it added. Just fill in this form and SheerID will email you if it’s accepted to the approved list. 

Note: This process can take a minimum of 30 days. 


12 months at a time, with the option to renew when that time elapses. You can renew a maximum of 3 times as long as you’re eligible (so the deal can cover a total of 4 years). We’ll remind you when it's time to renew!

If you don’t renew, or you’ve exceeded the 4-year limit, payments will proceed at the standard Premium rate.

You can pay for Spotify in lots of ways. Check the payment methods available in your country by clicking Subscription in the menu on the left of your account page.

Note: It’s currently not possible to pay for the student discount with PayPal or with a Spotify gift card.

You can't apply additional discounts to a Student plan. This includes any trial offers, and Premium for Family.

You can! If you’re enrolled with a university that’s eligible for our Student discount, you can take advantage even if you’re abroad.

Your account’s country settings need to match the country of your university, and your payment method needs to have also been issued in that same country. For help with this, check out our guide to country settings.