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Social recommendations in playlists

If you're in playlists that include social recommendations, you'll see songs people in these playlists might like based on their listening activity. Social recommendations can appear in playlists like Blend and Friends Mix.

We may add other playlists that include social recommendations.

People in these playlists will be able to see your profile picture and username.


Blend is a shared playlist that combines the music you and other people in the Blend listen to.

It updates daily with songs based on all of your listening activity. Other people in the Blend can add their friends.

Make a Blend

You can invite up to 10 friends in a Blend.

Once they join, find your Blend in Made for You.

Add friends to a Blend

For: Mobile

  1. In your playlists, tap the Blend.
  2. Tap Add follow.
  3. Select Invite more, and send it to friends.

Blend with artists

Blend with your favorite artist and see how your music tastes match.

To see all of the artists you can Blend with and their invite links, check out our blog post.

  1. Get the artist’s Blend invite link:
    a. From the artist’s social media account.
    b. In the Artist pick playlist on their Spotify profile.
  2. Tap the link. This opens the invite on the Spotify app.
  3. On the app, tap Go to Blend.

Share your Blend story

  1. Go to the Blend, and tap 3 dots vertical (Android) / 3 dots horizontal (iPhone).
  2. Select View Blend story.
  3. Tap Share this story.

Leave a Blend

  1. Go to the Blend, and tap 3 dots vertical (Android) / 3 dots horizontal (iPhone).
  2. Select Leave Blend Ban.

Friends Mix

Friends Mix is a shared playlist that combines your music taste with the tastes of friends you're in one-on-one Blends with.

You can get your Friends Mix once you're in 3 one-on-one Blends.

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