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Connecting your paid podcast to Spotify

If you use a third-party subscription platform like Patreon, Memberful, or Supporting Cast you may be eligible to publish your paid podcast to Spotify.

This allows your paying subscribers to listen to your show on Spotify where they may already listen to other podcasts, while still using your subscription platform to manage your show.

If you already host a podcast with Spotify for Podcasters or you’re thinking of starting your own show, you can use our built-in podcast subscription tools.

If your paid podcast is hosted on a third-party subscription platform, you’ll need to confirm that your subscription platform is integrated with Spotify. You can find a list of platforms (and their instructions where available) that support this here:

If your subscription platform isn’t listed, at the moment you won't be able to use this integration. Reach out to your subscription platform to integrate the Spotify Open Access API.

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