Spotify and Volvo

Sensus Connect

For: Premium Users

Volvo XC90, S90, and V90 owners can now hit the road with Spotify in the passenger seat. Using the Volvo Sensus Connect 4G modem that powers data connectivity, drivers can enjoy listening to Spotify without a phone, cable, or Bluetooth connection.

With Volvo Sensus Connect + Spotify you can:

  • Connect with other devices.
  • Search and Browse our catalog of over 30 million tracks.
  • Play songs, albums, stations, and playlists from Your Music/Your Library.
  • Save tracks and albums.
  • Follow artists, playlists, and radio stations.
  • Play artist-based Radio.

Get Started

  1. Select Spotify from your car’s Multimedia menu.
  2. Control playback using the high-resolution touchscreen and steering wheel controls.

For more information, see the Volve site here.

Sensus Connected Touch

Premium users with older Volvo models can play Spotify from the dashboard too. The Sensus Connected Touch’s voice-activated or touch controls let you:

  • Find out the new releases and top tracks and albums in your region.
  • Search and play tracks, artists, albums, and playlists.
  • If you have varied music tastes in the car at once, you can also switch between Spotify accounts. 

Once you install Touch, Spotify should be ready to go. If not, just download the app from the Sensus Connected Touch Market.

For more information, click here.