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New Music Friday

New Music Friday is a playlist of new releases that updates every Friday.

There are loads of different versions for different countries and regions.

It’s curated by our playlist editors - genre, lifestyle, and culture specialists with diverse backgrounds from all around the world.

In general, we only include new music. Sometimes we make exceptions for new versions of a release (e.g. remixes, covers, live/acoustic versions). This depends on factors like cultural relevance and if the new version is meaningfully different from the original.

How to know if your song gets picked

Check the Playlists tab of your song’s stats in Spotify for Artists.

You’ll see recent and top playlists your song’s added to. If your song’s in New Music Friday, you’ll see the stats there.

If your music gets in New Music Friday, share a Promo Card to let your fans know. Search for your song and select New Music Friday in the search results.

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