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Find Spotify charts at or in the Spotify app via Search Search > Charts.

We generate chart stream numbers using a formula that protects the integrity of our charts, and makes sure all voices of our users are reflected.

This formula means not every stream on Spotify is eligible for charts. Some songs may have fewer chart-eligible streams than others, depending on streaming behavior. So the stream count you see in charts might look different to the app and Spotify for Artists.

Our chart filtering doesn’t impact the royalties we pay to creators.

Viral charts

Viral charts capture the songs gaining the most buzz on Spotify.

Chart placement is based on a few factors:

  • If a song has recently risen in plays
  • How often people share the song
  • How many people recently discovered the song

Viral charts are entirely data-driven.

Global charts use data from all listeners, and regional charts look at data among listeners in that particular region.

City charts

City charts are ranked by streaming popularity in a particular city.

Local Pulse shows songs uniquely popular in that particular city, relative to their overall popularity.

We include all cities around the world with high streaming activity on Spotify.

Note: City charts are only available at

When charts update

Daily charts usually get published before 12 PM EST (4 PM UTC) the day after the chart period.

You can see weekly charts after the charting week ends globally. A charting week begins Friday and ends the following Thursday.


For a daily chart, any song or album live on Spotify before or during a charting day is eligible (12:00 AM - 11:59 PM UTC).

For a weekly chart, any song or album live on Spotify before or during a charting week is eligible (Friday 12:00 AM - Thursday 11:59 PM UTC).


When an entry falls off a chart and re-enters, its streak count resets.

A streak is the number of consecutive weeks or days an entry’s been on a chart, not the total number of weeks or days ever on the chart.

The peak position doesn’t reset. It’s the highest position an entry’s ever been on the chart.

Sharing your chart position

Use Promo Cards from to share your (or someone else’s) chart position on social media.

Find a Promo Card by selecting any chart position, then Share Promo Card. You’ll get taken to the Promo Cards site to customize the image, then share or download for later.

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