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Marquee and Showcase results

Track your campaign results in Spotify for Artists.

For: Admins and Editors on web

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to Campaigns tab icon Campaigns.
  3. Click a campaign to see its results.

We track listener behavior for 14 days after they see your campaign to find out if they stream a track from the release.

You’ll start to see results 24 hours after your campaign begins, and your final results will be ready 2 weeks after your campaign ends.

You can view your results in Spotify for Artists, as well as download the results for a single campaign or for all your artist’s campaigns. Click Download results to get the results as a CSV file.

We report on 3 main stats for your campaign:

  • Campaign delivery: Reach and clicks, updated hourly.
  • Audience development: How your active audience has changed as a result of your campaign, updated daily.
  • Performance details: How listeners engaged with your new release and your other releases as a result of your campaign.

Marquee and Showcase aim to develop long-term fans, so keep an eye on audience development and performance details to gain insights into how listeners engaged with your music after seeing your campaign.

Audience development

  • Amplified listeners: Listeners from your active audience who intentionally streamed your promoted release for the first time after seeing your campaign.
  • Reactivated listeners: Listeners who rejoined your active audience after intentionally streaming your promoted release.
  • New active listeners: Listeners who joined your active audience for the first time by intentionally streaming your promoted release – including listeners who hadn’t streamed your music anywhere in the last 2 years.

Grow your amplified listeners by targeting your active audience - or specific segments of your active audience.

Grow your reactivated listeners by targeting your previously active audience.

Grow your new active listeners by promoting a release with multiple main artists – by default, we’ll target fans of all main artists.

Performance details

  • Converted listeners: Number of listeners who intentionally streamed the release after seeing the campaign.
  • Conversion rate: Percentage of listeners who intentionally streamed the release after seeing the campaign.
  • Streams / listener: Average number of times your converted listeners streamed the release.
  • Intent rate: Percentage of converted listeners who saved or added a song to a playlist after streaming. These are actions that show intent to listen to you again in the future. Our research shows saves and playlist adds correlate with a 2.5x increase in streaming of an artist 6 months later.
  • Engagement with other releases: How converted listeners engage with your other releases.

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