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Marquee and Showcase payment and budget

Adding a payment method

For: Admins on web

  1. Go to your Spotify for Artists Teams list
  2. Select the team you want to add a payment method for (if you’re in multiple teams).
  3. Go to Billing.
  4. Add your payment card info.
    Note: You can only add 1 card per team.

Admins and Editors in your team can use this payment method to create a campaign.


You set your budget when you create your campaign.

You can't increase your budget after your campaign starts, but you can set up an additional campaign.

  • Minimum budget is $100 USD (or the equivalent in local currency)
    Note: The minimum budget is $250 if you book your Marquee campaign through our local representatives
  • Maximum budget is $10,000 USD (or the equivalent in local currency)
  • Campaigns are priced on a cost per click basis, and clicks - including saves - are billable. The price can change based on factors like your targeted audience or targeted market, so check in Spotify for Artists when creating your campaign for the most accurate pricing

When you create your campaign, we show how likely it is that your full budget will be spent based on your targeting and market selections, your selected budget, and cost-per-click.

We also show an estimate of the reach and number of clicks that your campaign might generate.

How you get charged

You get charged each day your spend reaches the billing threshold in your local billing currency. Everything else is charged at the end of the month.

You only get charged for the amount of clicks your campaign gets, so it’s possible you might not spend your total budget.

  • Marquee campaigns run for 10 days or until your budget gets spent, whichever comes first.
  • Showcase campaigns run for 14 days or until your budget gets spent, whichever comes first.

Taxes and tax identification number

The prices shown to you in the campaign booking flow include indirect taxes, if applicable.

You have the opportunity to provide a valid tax identification number or equivalent when creating a Spotify for Artists account. If you provide a number, it may take up to 24 hours for validation processing. You can't schedule a campaign until the number has been validated. If the number is returned as invalid (for example if it was entered incorrectly), you'll have the opportunity to enter a new number.

Should you not provide a valid tax identification number or equivalent, Spotify reserves the right to charge any indirect taxes that may become due in accordance with applicable law.

If you're subject to tax, the final tax amount will be applied at the time of billing and separately stated on your receipt or invoice. Your final charge will depend on your campaign's performance.

Viewing your payment history

You can access your previous payments under Transactions.

Your payment history includes:

  • Date of payment
  • Last 4 digits of payment card
  • Amount charged
  • Payment ID
  • Status of the payment

Note: If a transaction uses a card that’s no longer stored, we don’t display the details of that card.

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