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Audience segments

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  1. Log in to
  2. Go to Audience tab Audience then Segments.

In Spotify for Artists your total audience is broken into 3 segments:



Active audience

Valuable listeners who've intentionally streamed your music in the past 28 days from active sources like your artist profile, your release pages, or their own library and playlists

Previously active audience

Listeners who used to be in your active audience but haven't intentionally streamed your music in at least 28 days. They may still stream your music from programmed sources

Programmed audience

Listeners who’ve only streamed your music from programmed sources like editorial playlists, Discover Weekly, Radio, Autoplay, or playlists by other listeners at least once in the last 2 years

Together these 3 segments make up your total audience, the total number of unique listeners from the last 2 years.

Learn more about the sources of your streams

Active audience segments

Click your active audience segment to break it down into 3 further segments:



Super listeners

Your most dedicated listeners in the last 28 days. They’re also the most likely to keep streaming your music

Moderate listeners

Listeners who intentionally streamed your music many times in the last 28 days, and could still develop into super listeners

Light listeners

Listeners who intentionally streamed your music once or a couple times in the last 28 days, and could develop into moderate listeners

Your active audience can help you understand how well you’re retaining listeners and whether they’re becoming fans.

On average, listeners who actively stream a song will play that artist’s music 4x more in the next 6 months.

Share of streams vs. share of total audience

Click a segment to compare its share of streams and share of total audience.

Share of streams shows how many streams from the past 28 days came from each audience segment.

Share of total audience shows how many unique listeners from the past 2 years are in each segment.

Toggle between these views to understand the impact each segment has on your stream count.

How your total audience changes over time

Beneath the chart on your Segments tab you can see how your listeners have moved between these audience segments over the last 28 days.



These listeners used to be...

Reactivated listeners

Listeners who rejoined your active audience

In your previously active audience

New active listeners

Listeners who joined your active audience and hadn’t been in your active audience in the last 2 years

In your programmed audience or not in your audience at all

New listeners

Listeners who hadn’t streamed your music anywhere on Spotify in the last 2 years

Not in your audience at all

Monthly listeners vs. active audience

Your monthly listeners are your total listeners in the last 28 days - including people who’ve streamed your music from active and programmed sources.

Your active audience is a subset of your monthly listeners, representing the listeners who’ve actively streamed your music in the last 28 days.

Active audience highlights the diversity within your monthly listeners, specifically the listeners who are intentionally streaming your music, indicating they’ll keep streaming more in future.

Use this data to better understand your different types of listeners and develop effective marketing strategies to reach your goals.

Growing your active audience

Artists often focus on getting brand new fans to grow their audience instead of deepening the fandom of their existing listeners. While it’s important to do both, we’ve seen that on average your active audience generates more future streams of your music than other listeners do.

You can measure the success of your fan development strategies by using the Segments page.

Encourage active streams by creating a Marquee campaign or a Showcase campaign, updating your Artist Pick to attract more streams on your artist profile, or sharing a Promo Card to your social media.

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