Can't play Spotify

If you're having technical issues with the app, try these first:

  • Check @SpotifyStatus for any ongoing issues.
  • Restart the Spotify app. Close any other apps you’re not using.
  • If that doesn’t fix it, log out and back in.
  • If that doesn’t fix it, reinstall the app.

Tip: For issues with the sound or volume, see Can’t hear Spotify.

Is it your device?

See if the issue happens on a different device, or when using the web player. If it doesn’t, it could be an issue specific to your device:

You may need to troubleshoot further with the device's manufacturer.

Are others having the same issue?

Check @SpotifyStatus for any ongoing issues or use our Community’s Ongoing Issues board to find helpful tips and information.

Note: If you don’t find your issue on Community, you can post about it and get the help of our Community members in English.

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