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Spotify on Samsung Tizen smartwatches

Control the music from your wrist with Samsung Tizen smartwatches.

  • Play, pause, and skip music, and podcasts

If you have Premium, you can also:

  • Download playlists and albums to listen to offline
  • Search with text controls

Note: Features may vary depending on device model.

Supported devices

  • Gear S3, Gear Sport, Gear Fit 2, and Fit 2 Pro
  • Galaxy Watch up to Galaxy Watch 3 and Watch Active 2

Note: Paired mobile devices should support Spotify. Learn more at Supported devices for Spotify.

If you have a Galaxy Watch 4 or a newer device that runs on Wear OS, check out Spotify on Wear OS.

Get Spotify on Samsung wearables

Get Spotify on Samsung wearables with these steps.

Once installed, you can play directly from your wrist, or to another device with Bluetooth or Spotify Connect.

If you usually log in with Facebook, you can create a Spotify password with the email address registered on your account.

Download playlists

For: Premium

Download playlists to Samsung wearables with these steps.

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