Spotify Connect

With Spotify Connect, you can use one device to remotely control listening on another.

To use Spotify Connect, make sure:

  • All devices are on the same WiFi network
  • Your Spotify app is up-to-date
  • All devices’ software is up-to-date

For compatible devices, check with the manufacturer.

Not working?

  • Restart the Spotify app
  • Close any other apps you’re not using
  • Restart your devices
  • Restart your WiFi
  • If possible, try a different WiFi connection
  • If Connect is not working on Android TV - Make sure you allow Spotify to display over other apps. Go to Settings > Apps > Special app access > Display over other apps

Don’t recognize a device?

You may have left your account logged in on someone else’s device. If you don’t have access to that device, ask its owner to log out of your account.

You can also sign out everywhere on your account page, and for extra safety reset your password.

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