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Spotify Live

Spotify Live is a new social audio app from Spotify that lets you host and participate in live discussions.

Through virtual rooms you can listen and talk about the things you love with artists and fans that have similar interests.

  • Host or participate in live discussions
  • Join Live rooms with your favorite artists
  • Browse groups about different topics
  • Create rooms just for you and your friends to hang out
  • Get notified about Live rooms that might interest you

For more information, check out the Spotify Live website.

Live on Spotify

For: Mobile

Listen to Spotify Live sessions from artists and shows directly on Spotify.

Note: Live sessions may not be available on all artist and podcast pages.

Join a session

To start listening, tap the LIVE banner in the artist or podcast page.

You can also check Upcoming live room for future live sessions.

Share a session

  1. In the Now Playing view, tap Share-ios.
  2. Choose Copy Link, or select a social/messaging app.

Join the discussion

Note: You need Spotify Live installed on your phone.

In the Now Playing view, tap Join on Spotify Live.

This will open the session on Spotify Live and let you participate in the discussion.

Leave a session

In the Now Playing view, select Stop listening to leave the session at any time.

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