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Broken tracks or albums

On rare occasions, you may notice something on Spotify which was added to the service incorrectly. This could include:

  • Content with incorrect information (such as misspelled titles, wrong cover art, or release dates).
  • Corrupted audio playback.
  • An unusually large amount of empty space at the end of a song.  

If you notice something like this, first confirm it’s not intended by the artist or an issue with your device or connection:

  • Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the app. See our guide to updating Spotify.
  • See if the same thing happens when you play the track with a different device or with our web player.
  • Try playing it on a different WiFi or data connection.

If it plays correctly with any of these checks, the song is not broken on the service. See our guide to playback issues for more troubleshooting help.

Definitely broken?

If the same issue keeps happening after checking it across different devices and connections, you can report it to our content team:

  1. Go to our submission form.
  2. Choose I want to report a broken song or wrong song information.
  4. Find the URI of the content:
    1. Open your desktop app and go to the track/album/artist you wish to report as incorrect.
    2. Right-click it and select Share.
    3. Hover over Share, then click Copy Spotify URI. The code is copied to your clipboard.
    4. Paste the URI into the relevant field of the submission form.
  5. Fill in the other details of the form.

Note: The URI looks like this: spotify:track:4uLU6hMCjMI75M1A2tKUQC. It’s not the same as a standard Spotify link, which starts with open.spotify.com.