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Internet usage

As with many other digital services or apps, Spotify needs some of your device’s WiFi/internet bandwidth or mobile data allowance to operate.


Your app uses some of your device’s internet bandwidth to deliver music without interruption from buffering.

Reduce bandwidth usage

Mobile data

The amount it costs to stream music using mobile data can vary depending on your mobile data plan. For more details, contact your mobile service provider.

Note: We recommend at least a 3G connection to stream music.

Reduce mobile data usage

  • Use WiFi instead of mobile data. Particularly when the app is starting up and especially if you use it abroad.
  • Download music to listen offline (Premium only). Switch Download using cellular off in the app’s settings, under Music Quality, to assure downloads only occur if you’re connected to WiFi.
  • Some devices have data saving modes to help reduce overall data usage. For more information, check your device’s manufacturer guide.