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Can I have multiple Findaway Voices accounts?

Findaway Voices generally does not support having multiple accounts with the same legal information. Please review the following frequently asked questions surrounding multiple accounts. 

Can I have multiple Findaway Voices accounts?

  1. One account per entity: We do not support having multiple accounts, only one account per legal entity/payment method.

What if I manage multiple publisher/author names?

  1. Managing different publisher/author names: We understand the need to manage different publisher/author names. Rest assured you can manage different publisher/author names under one account. There is no need to keep separate logins for this purpose.

What if I already have two different accounts?

  1. You'll hear from us: If you create a duplicate account we’ll be contacting you to merge the information in multiple accounts to get you back down to one account.
  2. Duplicate accounts will lead to delays: Creating a duplicate account will lead to potentially significant delays in publishing new titles through the duplicate account while we straighten out the situation. Duplicate accounts will also cause delay in payments.

I'm a publisher, can I give my clients an account to access their project?

  1. Additional "child" accounts are not supported: We currently do not support this type of account. If you have a large catalog of content with multiple authors, you may be better suited to work with the Content Partnerships team, a separate arm of Findaway.
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