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Merch guidelines

Listing merch on Spotify enables artists to display goods and share experiences with their fans on the platform. We are committed to empowering artists to build sustainable careers, and we urge artists to use this feature responsibly and uphold the Spotify for Artists Terms and Conditions. Violations of any of the requirements below may result in the artist being ineligible for listing merch on Spotify.

Merch is visible to fans in all the markets where Spotify is available, except Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

Merchandise guidelines

Permitted merchandise includes:

  • music recordings (e.g., vinyl records, mixtapes, CDs)
  • apparel (e.g., shirts, jackets, hats)
  • bags and totes
  • handmade items (i.e., items that are made and/or designed by the artist)

Prohibited merchandise and services include:

  • alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, drug paraphernalia, or medical drugs
  • pornography and adult products (e.g., sex toys)
  • items that promote or glorify hate groups or violent extremism
  • items related to sweepstakes or gambling (e.g., lottery tickets, slot machines)
  • hacked or stolen items and theft devices (e.g., lockpicks, card skimmers)
  • government documents (e.g. government issued identification cards, passports, birth certificates)
  • medical devices and accessories
  • COVID‑19 related products (e.g. supplements, vaccine documentation, immunization cards)
  • cryptocurrencies (e.g., binary options, cryptocurrency wallets)
  • contraceptives, dietary, and herbal supplements
  • items derived from humans (e.g., bodily fluids)
  • items that advocate for or against political entities or legislative outcomes
  • online services
  • illegal items (e.g., counterfeit, fake, or bootleg products)
  • articles subject to international and export control regulations
  • hazardous and dangerous items (e.g. explosives, weapons, or related items)

General rules

  • Do comply with the Spotify Platform Rules.
  • Do comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Do comply with the terms and conditions of any third-party payment or hosting platforms.
  • Do make sure that your profile is in compliance with the Spotify for Artists Terms and Conditions.
  • Do not sell items that infringe on the intellectual property rights or publicity rights of others.
  • Do not post any misleading or deceptive content related to your merchandise. For example, don’t impersonate an individual, brand or organization, and make sure your item images and descriptions are accurate.
  • Do not promote your merchandise in a manner inconsistent with the User Guidelines in the Spotify for Artists Terms and Conditions.
  • You (the artist) or your merch partners are responsible for item fulfillment and customer support, not Spotify.
  • Spotify reserves the right to remove merch from the platform that violates the above guidelines. We also reserve the right to remove any item that negatively affects our business or that promotes content that goes against our interests.
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