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Canvas content policy

We have some limits on the type of content you can use as a Canvas.

Prohibited content

Canvases that do not comply with the Spotify Platform Rules will be removed.

Promotional content

Canvas is a place for you to enhance and add to your artistic message, and shouldn't be used to sell anything or be overly promotional.

Follow these guidelines when creating your Canvas:

  • Keep listeners in Spotify. Avoid directing people to any websites or URLs, ticket vendors, and encouraging follows or likes on social media.
  • Any text must be relevant to the specific track and not distract from your underlying image/artwork. It shouldn't promote other songs or unrelated albums, social media accounts, brands (including use of Spotify’s logo), products, discounted deals, fan experiences or encourage fans to take part in contests or sweepstakes. Any text should support the image or artwork you choose, which should always remain the primary focus of the Canvas surface.

We might remove your Canvas if it's used for overly promotional purposes.

Explicit content

Even if your content is permissible under our Platform Rules, it still may not be the type of content that younger users on Spotify should see. You should mark your Canvas as explicit to help protect your fans from seeing content which they're not comfortable with. This is particularly important to protect younger users on Spotify.

Your Canvas should be marked as explicit if it contains:

  • Profanity, written or illustrated
  • Imagery of or references to violence, physical abuse, or mental abuse
  • Imagery of or references to the use of recreational drugs and other controlled substances
  • Imagery of or references to sexual behavior
  • Imagery of or references to sensitive topics
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