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Presale and merch emails

We like to thank artists’ biggest Spotify fans with access to unique and exclusive offers, such as presale tickets for upcoming concerts or exclusive merch items.

These offers are open to everyone with a Spotify account, so you don’t need Premium.

How to get an email

Emails are sent to listeners who our data shows are the artist’s top fans and/or anyone who follows the artist on Spotify.
Go to your account page's notification settings to make sure you get Spotify News and Offers. You can also make sure we have your correct email address.

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Presale ticket help

We don’t handle purchasing for presale ticket offers, so it’s best to contact the companies responsible.

Your email includes a link to the correct ticketing company. They can help with:

  • Code issues
  • Shipping/delivery questions
  • Cancellation/refunds

Merch help

You can’t buy exclusive merch anywhere else - it’s only available for a limited time through the link in your email.

We don’t handle the purchasing for our merch offers, so it’s best to contact the companies responsible.

Click the purchase link in the email to go to the correct company’s website. They can help with:

  • Shipping estimates
  • Items that arrived damaged
  • Returns/cancellations
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