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How to create an audiobook box set/bundle

An audiobook box set or bundle is a great way to create a second audiobook product from your existing catalog or series. Below is a guide to creating a box set/bundle on Findaway Voices.

Note: This applies to audiobooks that have already been produced. We do not recommend producing a full box set, but rather produce them individually and then create the box set.


Audiobook box sets/bundles require unique opening/closing credits that denote that the listener is listening to a bundle of titles, rather than an individual title.

In addition, the audio will need to be in this order:

  1. Opening Credits: New Opening Credits for Bundle
  2. Front Matter: Left empty unless the audiobook has Front Matter (should not contain credits)
  3. Body Matter:
  • Opening Credits of Book 1
  • Book 1 Chapters
  • Closing Credits of Book 1
  • Opening Credits of Book 2
  • Book 2 Chapters
  • Closing Credits of Book 2

4. Back Matter: Left empty unless the audiobook has Back Matter (should not contain credits)
5. Closing Credits: New Closing Credits for Bundle

Cover Art:

The cover art for the audiobook box set must still meet the Findaway Technical Requirements, and must be a unique cover art for the box set.

Please avoid using 3D rendering of physical books for the cover, as this will lead to the title being rejected.

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