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There are loads of people waiting to help you with Spotify, and ways for you to help yourself too. 

Quick links 

Log in to your account page to do the following:

  • Cancel a subscription. 
  • Change your personal details.
  • Review your privacy settings.
  • Redeem a gift card.

Get a little help from our support site:

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Visit the Community 

The Spotify Community is where thousands of Spotify fans help each other out, whether it’s a specific issue, an idea, or a general wondering. 

Post a question, or see if it’s already been answered. Check out this guide to get started. 

You can also tweet the Rock Stars @AskRockStars

Why we don’t offer phone support

We understand sometimes you just want to speak to someone, but you’ll actually find much quicker, easier, and more secure help with the options above. Here are just a few reasons why: 

  • Online support lets us easily pull up your account, subscription, and other information, so we don’t waste time diagnosing an issue.
  • We don’t want to make you sit by the phone all day if we experience busy periods or while we consult developers for tricky issues.
  • You can’t send pictures over the phone! Images can really help troubleshoot issues more efficiently.
  • You also can’t send links over the phone. Sometimes, an issue might need some explaining, which is better to write or link to for easy reference (and to refer back to if you need it again).
  • Phone support isn’t super secure. You’d need to go through a whole verification process before getting to your issue.
Last updated: 21 September, 2018