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Creating video episodes if you’re hosted with Spotify

Publish your video podcast to Spotify using Spotify for Podcasters.

If you’re hosted with Spotify for Podcasters, check out the steps below to create your video episodes.

If you host your podcast somewhere else, this article outlines how you can upload your video episodes.

Note: It's against our Terms of Service to upload video that belongs to someone else.

Uploading video

On web:

  1. Log into Spotify for Podcasters
  2. Click New Episode.
  3. Choose Select file to upload your video episode.
  4. Click New Episode then Select file to upload your episode video file.

Note: You can’t record and edit your podcast with Spotify for Podcasters. If you need to record or edit your episode, you can use our Riverside integration via Spotify for Podcasters web. Read more here, or watch a tutorial video.

You can only upload video episodes on Spotify for Podcasters web. You can upload and save a draft video episode on the web and then use the mobile app to publish it at a later date.

Publishing your episode

You need to verify your account before you can publish your first episode. You should've received a verification email when you created your account. Check this article for tips

Once you’ve selected your episode file, on the Details page, give it a title and description. You can also add season and episode numbers, as well as episode artwork under Additional details.

To publish your episode to listeners right away, select Now under Publish date.

To publish your episode at a future date:

  • On the web, find Publish date and choose Schedule then select the date and time.

Publish times are shown in your local time.

To cancel or edit a scheduled publish date:

  • On web, click into the episode and hit the 3 dots, then Revert to draft.
  • On the mobile app, if you have already scheduled a video episode on web, tap the episode. Hit the pencil icon then Edit schedule.

We'll let you know via email when your episode is transcoding, and again once it’s complete.

Your video episode will go live on Spotify either instantly, or at your scheduled publish time. In addition, audio from your video will be available through RSS.

If at any point you want to save your work and return later, just click the X in the top-right corner.

Supported file types and recommendations

We support MOV and MP4 video files.

Spotify for Podcasters doesn’t have a file size limit, but note that larger files will take time to process and can have a higher chance of failing if your internet connection is interrupted.

If you’re encoding your video files, here are our recommendations on both video and audio specifications:

  • General
    • Your file must contain only one video track and one audio track
    • The duration of your file cannot be longer than 12 hours
  • Video
    • H.264 High Profile
    • 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio
    • Maximum bitrates of 25 Mbps for 1080p source, or 35 Mbps for 4k source
    • Use the source’s native frame rate
  • Audio
    • AAC-LC
    • Bitrate of 192 Kbps or higher
    • Stereo
    • Surround/multi-channel audio is not supported

See our full video specs.

Important info about video episodes

  • Video episodes are only available on Spotify. On other platforms, your episode will be audio-only.
  • To monetize your video episodes, check out Podcast Subscriptions.
  • You can replace your existing audio-only episodes with video episodes. Learn more

Issues during upload

If you're getting an error during the upload process, try checking these troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure you’re using a supported file type.
  • Check out our video full specs.
  • Double-check that the video file plays properly on your device.

If you’re still encountering issues, contact us.

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