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Building your audience

So your podcast is up and running, and now you're ready to get some listeners.

Here's what we'd recommend to make that happen!

Optimize your podcast

Make your podcast as compelling and consistent as possible so listeners who discover your podcast keep coming back for more.

Here are some tactics that can help:

  • Update your podcast frequently. The more often you create new episodes for your podcast, the more engaged your listeners will be.
  • Watch your volume. The number one reason listeners lose interest in a podcast is when it's hard to hear. Make sure your voice isn't drowned out by background music, speak clearly into your microphone, and always preview your audio before publishing it.
  • Interact with your fans through polls and comments: Get feedback and build your fan community on Spotify by encouraging them to leave a comment on your episode (we recommend mentioning it directly in your episode intro!). Create a poll to give a lightweight way for your audience to share their opinion.
  • Optimize your show page
    • Set a best place to start to guide new listeners to your best content and make a great first impression
    • Choose host recommendations to link out to your favorite content on Spotify. You can use it to cross-promote with another podcast, link out to a playlist of your favorite episodes, or recommend your favorite music albums or audiobooks.
  • Select your podcast preview for each episode: Podcast previews are a 60 second teaser of your episode that appear across our home feed and podcast subfeeds. While we automatically generate them for every episode, you can also select your own continuous 60 second preview to create the best hook for every episode.
  • Get the word out about your show. Check out our marketing team’s tips.

Share your podcast

Share your podcast with followers on your social networks. Learn more about sharing your podcast

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