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Enjoy the millions of playlists created by Spotify for you, and by artists and other listeners worldwide.

Made for you

Spotify makes playlists based on your listening habits (what you like, share, save, skip) and the listening habits of others with similar taste. 

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Or, Search the name of any playlist made for you.

New to Spotify?

We need to get to know you and the music you like, so expect to get playlists made for you after a few weeks of listening.

Which playlists are made for you?

 What is it?How often does it update?
Spotify MixesGet mixes based on artists, genres, and decades you love. Songs include your regular listens and our recommendations.The more you listen, the more frequently it updates.
Discover WeeklySongs we think you’ll love.Every Monday.
Release RadarSongs from new releases we think you’ll love.Every Friday.
On Repeat and Repeat RewindSongs you couldn’t get enough of recently, and in the past.Every 5 days.

Made for everyone

There are loads of Spotify playlists made by music experts from around the globe. 

Some of these include tracks based on your listening history, so you may see different track listings to someone else. For example, if a playlist has ‘sing-along hits’, it’ll have songs you know the words to!

Find them in Search.

Made by everyone

Anyone on Spotify can make a playlist. Here are some ways to find playlists made by others:

  • Search keywords 
  • Ask your friends to share their playlists with you
  • View playlists on friends profiles
  • Browse our Community playlist exchange
  • View playlists on artist profiles 

Last updated: 21 September, 2021

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