Samsung wearables

Control the music from your wrist with Samsung wearables.

For: Gear S3, Gear Sport, Gear Fit 2 and Fit 2 Pro, and Galaxy Watch.

  • Play, pause, and skip.
  • Save music.
  • Shuffle and repeat.
  • Play music from Your Library, Browse, and Recently Played.

Premium features

If you have Premium, you can also:

  • Use the app as a remote to play on different devices with Spotify Connect.
  • Download music to the app so you can listen offline (see ‘Download music’ below).
  • Search using text controls.
  • Enjoy Premium sound quality.

Get started

System requirements

  • Gear S3, Gear Sport, and Gear Fit 2 and Fit 2 Pro
    • Android 4.4 and above with a minimum of 1.5GB RAM.
    • iPhone 5S or above on iOS 9.0 or above.
  • Galaxy Watch
    • Android 5.0 and above with a minimum of 1.5GB RAM
    • iPhone 5S or above on iOS 9.0 or above.

Install Spotify on your Samsung wearable

  1. Tap Apps from the Samsung wearable home screen.
  2. Tap Galaxy Apps.
  3. Search ‘Spotify’ and tap Install.
  1. On your mobile, tap Apps.
  2. Tap Samsung Gear, then Samsung Galaxy Apps.
  3. Tap ESSENTIALS and search for ‘Spotify’. 
  4. Tap the Download icon, then ACCEPT AND DOWNLOAD. Spotify is installed on your wearable. 

Once installed you can play directly from your wrist, or to another device with Bluetooth or Spotify Connect

Download music 

  1. Disconnect your phone from the watch or set it to airplane mode.     
  2. Make sure you’re connected to WiFi in your watch’s Settings. 
  3. Open the Spotify app on your watch. 
  4. Go to Settings and select Playback, then Stream on WiFi
  5. Choose a playlist and select DOWNLOAD.
  6. You can now listen to this playlist without an internet connection or Bluetooth.

Need help?

Check out the Samsung support page.

You can also find more help on our support site for your Spotify account and payments, or if you can’t play music.

Last updated: 21 February, 2021

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