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Follow friends

Follow friends to see what they’re listening to in Friend Activity.

Or, ask your friends to share a link to their profile with you.

Pick your device for how to find and follow friends.

Can't find friends?

Your Spotify account must be connected to Facebook to find your friends in the FIND FRIENDS list.

If your Spotify account’s connected to Facebook but you still can’t find your friends, check on Facebook to see if your Friends list is shared with Spotify:

  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. Go to Apps and Websites.
  3. Select Spotify.

See who’s following you

Find FOLLOWERS on your profile page.

Block someone

You can block other people from viewing your activity on Spotify.

When you block someone, they:

  • Can’t follow you or your playlists
  • Can’t see your profile or listening activity

Pick your device for how to block or unblock someone:

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