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Custom Chapter Names

Findaway Voices supports custom chapter names. When done correctly, chapter names can add to the listening experience of the user. Here are some best practices when naming your chapters to ensure the best downstream experience for listeners.

*Please note that not all distribution partners currently use custom chapter names and may use track numbers instead*

Recommended Naming Format

We recommend using the following chapter naming format: Chapter #: Custom Name

Example: Chapter 1: The Explosion, Chapter 2: The Aftermath etc.

Important Items to Keep in Mind When Naming Chapters

  • The name you enter for the chapter is exactly what we will provide to distribution partners. Double check the spelling, capitalization, and punctuation of your chapter names.
  • Listeners will see the chapter names you enter here, avoid using profanity and any other vulgar language for chapter names.
  • Before publishing, you’ll have a chance to review your chapter names. Make sure the order is correct before publishing.
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