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Reading and approving comments

Encourage your listeners to leave comments on your episodes, and create meaningful relationships with your fans on Spotify by liking and replying to your favorites.

Note: Listeners can only see and leave comments on the Spotify mobile app.

Reading comments

Log into Spotify for Podcasters and go to Comments. A purple dot indicates you have new comments to read.

If you have the Spotify for Podcasters mobile app, we notify you when you receive a new comment. We also send a recap email every Thursday.

Approving comments

You’ve worked hard to build a community on Spotify. That’s why we’re giving you control over your comments section so you can curate it to reflect you and your audience.

Review and publish comments under Needs Review to make them visible on Spotify. We’re working on automatic publishing for comments that meet Spotify’s content guidelines.

To approve comments, go to Needs Review.

  • Icon for approving to approve a comment
  • Icon for liking to like a comment
  • Reply to leave a response

Comments you like or reply to are also approved and appear on your episode page in the Spotify mobile app.

We rank comments on your episode page based on a variety of factors like sentiment, recency, and if the comment has been liked or replied to. You can’t manually reorder your comments, but liking and replying to a comment can help curate your comment section.

Why you should engage with comments

Liking and replying to comments helps build your fan community on Spotify and makes your listeners feel heard.

We notify listeners when you like or reply to their comment.

Note: You can only reply to a comment once, and listeners can’t respond to your reply.

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