Data rights and privacy settings

Your privacy and the security of your personal data are, and always will be, our highest priority. 

That’s why we’ve created a Privacy Center to highlight some of the important sections of our Privacy Policy and to give you more info about the rights and controls you have in relation to your personal data.

For more info about your data rights, and the privacy settings available to you, see our FAQ below.

Yes, you can download a ZIP file containing your data by clicking the Request button at the bottom of the Privacy Settings section on your account page. This page also contains instructions for accessing your data and a summary of the categories of data you can expect to receive.

Here’s an overview of what the download will contain:

Type of Data Description

A summary of the playlists created or saved, and any songs saved, including:

  1. Name of playlist.
  2. Date the playlist was last modified.
  3. Names of songs contained within the playlist.
  4. Names of artists for each song.
  5. Any descriptions added by the user to the playlist.
  6. The number of followers the playlist has.
Streaming History (audio, video, and podcasts)

A list of items (e.g. songs, videos, and podcasts) listened to or watched in the past 90 days, including:

  1. Name of "creator" for each stream (e.g. the artist name if a music track).
  2. Name of items listened to or watched (e.g. title of music track or name of video). 
  3. Date and time of the stream.
Your Library

A summary (at the point of the date of the request) of the content saved in Your Library (songs, podcasts, and videos), including:

  1. Name of artist for each item.
  2. Name of the album.
  3. Name of items saved.
Search queries

A list of all searches made in the past 90 days, including:

  1. Content of each search.
  2. The date the search was made.

This includes (where available) at the point of the request:

  1. The number of followers the account has.
  2. The number of other accounts this account is following.
  3. A list of artists the account is following.
Payment Data

This includes details of the payment method (where available):

  1. Type - The card type e.g. MasterCard, Visa etc, or other form of payment such as a Gift Card, Paypal.
  2. Card Number - Where the payment method is via card, this is the last four digits only.
  3. Card Expiry - Where the payment method is via card, this is the four digit expiry date (e.g. 07/18).
  4. Creation Date - The date the payment details were provided to Spotify.
  5. Payment Country - The country where the card was issued e.g. United Kingdom, Sweden.
  6. Postal Code - The postal code the card is registered to.
Subscription Data

This includes (where available):

  1. Spotify username.
  2. Email address.
  3. Country.
  4. Created from Facebook - This shows if the account was created via Facebook.
  5. Facebook user ID - This is included if the user created their account via Facebook.
  6. Preferred locale.
  7. Date of birth.
  8. Gender.
  9. Postal code.
  10. Postal address. 
  11. Mobile number.
  12. Mobile operator.
  13. Mobile brand.
  14. User created - This is the user’s date of registration.
  15. Family plan data (if you own a Premium for Family plan) - This includes your address, city, country, name, state, street, and postal code.

Privacy Settings

In the Privacy Settings section of your account page, you have the ability to restrict or withdraw consent to the following types of personal data being processed about you:

  • For listeners of the free service - Data we use to play you ads that we feel will be relevant to you (ie tailored ads).
  • For those who signed up to Spotify via Facebook or who connected their account to Facebook. Your Facebook display name, Facebook profile picture, and Facebook Friends that Facebook shares with us. This does not include the data required for logging in via Facebook.

Notification Settings

When you create a Spotify account you are, by default, opted-in to receiving the following notifications via email and on your mobile device. But you can change this at any time through your Notification Settings:

  • Product News – Info on how to get started on Spotify, details of new features, and the latest product updates on Spotify.
  • Spotify News and Offers - Info on news, promotions, and events picked for you.
  • Recommend Music - Info on music we think you’ll like.
  • New Music - Info about fresh new tracks from artists that you follow or might like.
  • Playlist Updates - Updates for playlists you follow.
  • Concert Notifications - Updates about live shows by artists you like, in places near you.
  • Artist Updates - Info about the artists you listen to and recommendations for the artists we think you’ll like.

App Settings

In the desktop app, click the arrow  in the top-right corner, then Settings, to control the following:

Connect to Facebook

  • Connect your Spotify account to Facebook - By selecting this option you can log into Spotify with your Facebook account.

Sharing your playlists and activity

  • Automatically make new playlists public - New playlists you create will automatically be made public. You can turn this off at any time.
  • Private Session - If you enable Privacy Session, the music you’re listening to will not be visible in your Recently Played, will not be published to Friend Activity, and your Top Artists will not be updated. By default Private Session is not enabled.
    Note: If turned on, the Private Session ends when you restart Spotify, or after a long period of inactivity.
  • Publish Activity - Your listening activity will be published to Friend Activity. You can turn this off at any time.
  • Show my Recently Played Artists - Your Recently Played Artists will automatically be made public. You can turn this off at any time.

Opting out prevents Spotify from processing your Facebook display name, Facebook profile picture, and Facebook Friends.

However we will still process data necessary to enable you to continue to sign on to Spotify with your Facebook account.  If you signed up for Spotify via Facebook or connected your account to Facebook, this will include your Facebook registered email address, Facebook registered date of birth, and Facebook registered gender.

Opting out prevents Spotify from tailoring your ad experience based on third party data. This does not decrease the number of ads you receive on the free service but means you might see and hear ads that are not as relevant to you. 

Spotify needs to process some personal data in order to provide you with the Spotify service. To delete that personal data, you need to close your account.

You can control the processing of certain data categories from your account page or directly from the Spotify app (see “How do I control what personal data is processed about me?” above for more info).

If you want to port your personal Spotify data to another service, you can download a copy of it in a machine readable format from the Privacy Settings section of your account page. This page also contains instructions for accessing your data and a summary of the categories of data you can expect to receive.

You can update your personal details in the Edit profile section of your account page.

Last updated: 30 April, 2019