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Can't hear Spotify

Here are some common fixes for if the app appears to be playing, but you can’t hear it.

What to do

How to do it

Check your device’s sound settings

In your device’s sound or volume settings make sure the correct audio output is selected, e.g. your laptop’s speakers.

On mobile, there can be different settings for different sounds, e.g. media or phone calls. Be sure to adjust the volume for media.

Check your device’s support site for help with the sound or volume settings.

Check your device’s sound is working

Test this by playing audio from somewhere other than Spotify.
If you discover any issues, your device’s manufacturer can help.

For computers, it might be worth checking any sound card hardware or software.

Check you’re not playing to a different device

You might be sending the sound somewhere else, for example with Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, or any other wireless connection method.

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