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Hulu with Premium

For: Students

Get discount Premium, plus access to Hulu’s (With Ads) plan, all for $5.99/month.

Once you have Premium Student, activate your Hulu (With Ads) plan from your services page.

Note: You can’t combine this offer with any other Hulu plan or add-ons.

Already using Hulu?

You can use an existing Hulu account, or create one when you activate the plan.

Switching your billing

For Hulu, you agree to automatically switch your billing to Spotify during sign up.

Wrong account activated?

If you activated the wrong Hulu account, you need to cancel your subscription and resubscribe to activate the correct account.

Note: After you cancel, you need to wait for your plan to switch to free before resubscribing.

Not a student?

Premium with Hulu isn’t available for those who aren’t students.

We used to offer Premium with Hulu for non-students, but not anymore. If you already have it but cancel or upgrade to a different plan (e.g. Duo or Family), you'll lose access to Hulu.

More help

Check out the Hulu support site.

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