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Find what you’re looking for with Search, including:

  • Songs
  • Albums
  • Artists
  • Playlists
  • Podcasts
  • Genres
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  • Profiles

You can also use search to find Radio and Concerts.

Lyrics search

If you don’t know a song’s title, search at least 3 words from its lyrics. Songs with those lyrics show Lyrics match in the results.

Advanced search

Enter your search term in quotation marks “” to narrow results to exact matches, e.g. “Let’s Dance”.

You can also enter any of these before your search term to narrow the results.

Search tag





Displays music from a particular year. You can also enter a range of years.



Displays music in the genre matching keyword.



Displays music released by the label matching keyword.

Exclude or add search terms

Refine your search with AND and NOT, for example:

  • Kyuss AND Green - Displays results with keywords 'Kyuss' and 'Green'
  • Metallica NOT Anger - Displays all Metallica tracks except with the word 'Anger'

Tip: You can also use + or - instead of AND or NOT.

Combine searches

Use any combination of the advanced search options to find exactly what you want.

  • Search for a range of years but exclude some - year:1989-2013 NOT year:1993
  • Find music by genre and year - genre:metal AND year:1982

Advanced search

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