What subscriptions do you offer?

You can download and listen to Spotify for free, or choose one of our Premium plans.

 Spotify freeSpotify Premium
Access to over 50 million songs.
Access to podcasts and audiobooks
Travel abroad with your musicFor up to 14 days.
Pick and play any track on mobile    
Ad free music 
Listen without an internet connection 
Highest music quality 

The ability to pick and play any track on mobile is available on the free, ad-supported service in India until early 2021. Availability beyond that will depend on our licenses with labels and publishers.

Choose the right Premium plan for you

Tip: If you’ve never tried Premium before, you can try it for free.

Premium Individual

Premium Individual is for one person. You get all the features mentioned above.

Premium Student

Premium Student is for one person currently enrolled at an accredited college or university. You get:

  • 50% off a Premium subscription. 
  • Up to 4 years on the discounted rate. Renew every 12 months (up to 3 times) if you’re still eligible at the end of the year.

Premium Duo

Premium Duo is for two people living together. You get:

  • Two Premium accounts, for one discounted price.
  • Duo Mix, a playlist available in each account that matches both tastes.

Premium Family

Premium Family is for up to 6 people living together. You get:

  • Up to 6 Premium accounts, for one discounted price.
  • Family Mix, a playlist based on the tastes of everyone on your plan.
  • Parental control of explicit music for the members of your plan.

Last updated: 20 February, 2021

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