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Fee schedule and cashing out

Fee schedule

This Fee schedule applies only to the extent you are eligible for, and have enabled, each of the Monetization Services (as defined in the Spotify for Podcasters Terms of Service) referenced below. Please note that one or more Monetization Services may not be available in your country. Refer to Spotify for Podcasters' monetization options for more details.

Transaction fees

This section sets out the fees applicable per transaction. These transaction fees differ depending on what Monetization Services you're using.

Podcast Subscriptions

The following fees are deducted from each Podcast Subscription payment, as described in the Podcast Subscriptions Creator Terms:

  • Payment processing fee: 5.5%
  • Foreign exchange fee (applies if your subscriber’s currency differs from your own currency):
    • 0.8% applied to exchange non-USD currency to USD or vice versa
    • 1.6% applied to exchange non-USD currency to another non-USD currency

An example of how it works:

  • You’re based in the US, and you’ve set your podcast subscription price to $2.99 per month
  • Let’s say you get 1 subscriber from Belgium who pays € 2,99 per month. Each month:
    • € 2,99 * 5.5% (€ 0,16445) is deducted for the payment processing fee
    • € 2,99 * 0.8% (€ 0,02392) is deducted for the foreign exchange fee
    • Taxes, if applicable in your region, are deducted
    • The remaining amount, converted to USD based on current exchange rates, appears in your wallet

Cash out fees

For all Monetization Services, the following fees are deducted each time your earnings balance is paid out, depending on the payout platform you’re using:

  • Cash out fee for services using Stripe: US$0.20 (or equivalent amount in your local currency)
  • Payout fee for services using Spotify Payouts: US$0.30 (or equivalent amount in your local currency)

Please note that when you first start to earn money with any of Spotify for Podcasters’ Monetization Services, there may be a delay in funds being reflected in your earnings balance. After that validation period, new transactions will be reflected in your balance within a few days.

If you utilize Stripe, once funds are in your earnings balance, you can cash out your earnings balance at any time provided you have satisfied the following requirements:

  • At least 30 days have passed since you first earned money through Spotify for Podcasters' Monetization Services
  • You have provided all information requested by Spotify or the Payment Service Provider (please see additional information below for non-US creators)
  • You have at least US$10 (or equivalent amount in your local currency) in your earnings balance

If you utilize Spotify Payouts, your funds are paid out automatically. You can read more about Spotify Payouts’ payouts here.

After you cash out or are paid out, it will generally take a few days for that money to hit your bank account.

Non-US creators only

Creators outside the US will be required to provide additional information before cashing out for the first time. Below is a quick guide to all fields you see in the "Tax Information" step of this form.

  • Legal Entity Type: Are you an individual, or are you representing a business?
  • Legal Name: The first and last name that appears on your government-issued ID.
  • Country: The location of your citizenship.
  • Date of birth
  • Taxpayer ID: If you have a Taxpayer ID in the United States, you must list it. Your Foreign Taxpayer Identification Number is required.

After you've successfully filled in this information, you can move on to Steps 2 and 3, which require your permanent address and mailing address, and then a confirmation of all of the previous information you’ve entered.

If you need guidance on what information makes sense as you fill out these forms, we strongly recommend reaching out to your tax accountant for guidance.

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