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Podcasts and shows

Listen to your favorite podcasts, and discover many more including shows with music.

  • Get recommended and featured podcasts and shows.
  • Save the podcasts and shows you like. New episodes then automatically save.
  • Download to listen offline.
  • Some episodes feature videos too.

Note: While Spotify doesn’t play ads that interrupt the music listening experience of Premium subscribers, some podcasts may include advertising, host-read endorsements, or sponsorship messages.

Find and play podcasts and shows

Save podcasts and shows

Find latest episodes of your saved podcasts and shows

For: Mobile

  1. Tap Home .
  2. Tap Notification.
  3. Select Podcasts & Shows.

What’s New shows up to 100 of the latest episodes from your saved podcasts and shows.

Episodes can be in the list up to 60 days from their release date.

Download podcasts and shows

Select Download on a podcast or show episode to download.

Note: You may need Premium to download some shows.

Learn more about downloads

Get a podcast on Spotify

Check out Spotify for Podcasters.

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