Daily Mix

Wish you could just press a button to get the perfect line-up of tracks? Introducing Daily Mix. The music you love, minus the effort.

How it works

You’ll get several truly unique mixes to choose from, based on the different styles of music you regularly play. Each one is loaded with artists you love, plus a sprinkling of new discoveries that fit the vibe too.

What’s more, it grows with you. As your music taste evolves, so do your Daily Mixes. 

Play it 

  1. Tap Your Library in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
    On iPad, tap Your Music in the menu on the left.
    On Desktop, you'll find it under Your Music.
  2. Tap Your Daily Mix.
  3. Choose the mix you’d like to play, and tap it.
  4. Tap PLAY.

Improve it 

Like a track? Tap  while it plays! It will save to Your Library, and your Daily Mix will remember that you like it. 

Hate a track? Tap  while it plays so it won’t crop up in your mix again. You’ll also get the option to remove all songs by that artist from your mixes. 

Daily Mix played me a banger, but I forgot it.

Because Daily Mix continuously evolves, you’ll need to save your favorites. To do this, just tap the heart while the song is playing. This guide will show you how to save when not listening to the track. 

I’m brand new to Spotify, will I still get this? 

You sure will! But we’ll need to get an idea of your music taste first. You should receive your Daily Mix after around 2 weeks of listening.   

How often does Daily Mix update?

Daily Mix evolves gradually with your listening, but a particular mix will display a fresh queue of tracks within a day of when you last listened to it. See Improve it above to see how you can help fine tune it.

Why does my friend have more mixes than me?

The feature analyzes your music listening history and creates 1-6 mixes depending on the amount and diversity of your listening. Keep listening and exploring as much as possible to give your mixes more meat.  

Can I listen to Daily Mix offline?

No. Daily Mix lines up thousands of tracks and retunes frequently, so it’s not possible to download for offline listening. 

Who can see my Daily Mix? 

Consider Daily Mix as your own personal radio station. Only you can see, listen to, and influence it.