Release Radar

Release Radar is a playlist of new releases recommended just for you. 

Updated every Friday with music released over the past few weeks, it includes artists you listen to most, plus some recommendations we think you’ll like. 


Desktop and web player

Find Release Radar in Your Library, under Made for You.

Mobile and tablet 

Find Release Radar in Home , under Made for you.

Can't find it? 

You can also search  for your Release Radar playlist.

Tip: Select FOLLOW to save it to Your Library, under Playlists. 

New to Spotify?

We need to get to know you and the music you like, so expect to receive your Release Radar playlist after a few weeks of listening.

Release Radar refreshes every Friday. If you like any of the tracks from it, be sure to save them or add them to another playlist before it updates the following Friday.

The more you use Spotify, the better your Release Radar becomes. You can also tell us what you like and what you don’t like:

  • Tap  in the Now Playing view to like a track, which automatically saves it to Your Library.
  • Tap  in the Now Playing view to remove it from your Release Radar playlist and we’ll remember for next time. 

Last updated: 17 September, 2019