Fresh Finds

With the help of music’s best tastemakers, we’ve searched the globe to find the finest independent and emerging tracks and compiled them into a series of weekly playlists called Fresh Finds.

The playlists are updated every Wednesday, so remember to save your favorite tracks before they go.

Where is Fresh Finds?

Just type "Fresh Finds" into the Search bar and find them under Playlists.

What’s in Fresh Finds?

The main Fresh Finds playlist includes essential picks from independent and emerging artists.

You can also check out Fresh Finds playlists for specific genres:

  • Hiptronix - All things Pop. 
  • Basement - Electronic and Dance.
  • Fire Emoji - HipHop and R&B.
  • Six Strings - Rock, Indie, and Folk.
  • Cyclone - Experimental and Ambient.
Last updated: 05 October, 2018