Discover Weekly

The Discover Weekly playlist is a weekly roundup of songs we think you’ll love. Based on your listening history and that of other Spotify fans with similar tastes, Discover Weekly gets even better the more you use Spotify.

Discover Weekly automatically appears in the playlists section of Your Music or Your Library, and is updated with fresh music every Monday. So make sure you save anything you can’t get enough of!

Who can get Discover Weekly?

Discover Weekly is available once you’ve actively used Spotify for at least two weeks--We need to get to know you first!

I’ve unfollowed Discover Weekly. Can I get it back?

Just go to the Discover tab in Browse. You can always find it there.

Can I restore previous Discover Weekly playlists?

Your Discover Weekly playlist is 100% brand new every Monday. If you wish to keep track of songs in the current Discover Weekly, please save them to Your Music or another playlist before the next Monday!

Unfortunately, there is not a way for you to retrieve previous weeks’ Discover Weekly playlists. 

Who can see this playlist? Can I share it?

Your Discover Weekly playlist is set to Private by default. But you can set it to Public too.

You can also share your playlist or follow other people's Discover Weekly playlists.

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