There's more to Spotify than music! Check out exclusive videos in the app. You can: 

  • Browse featured shows.
  • Follow your favorite shows to save them and be notified of new episodes.
  • Share videos with friends.
  • Play from your phone to your computer with Spotify Connect.

Find, play, and follow videos

Find videos

  1. Scroll down in the main screen. Click Video Series.
  2. Browse our full range of videos. Click any for more information.

Play videos

  1. Click the title of a video series to view available episodes.
  2. Hover over the cover art of an episode and click play.
  3. The video plays at the top of the screen. Expand to full screen by clicking the button in the top-right.

Tip: If you navigate away from the video page, it continues playing in the Now Playing screen in the bottom-left. Hover over this and click expand in the top-right to make it full screen again.

Follow videos

On a video series page, click FOLLOW. The video series and all its episodes are now saved in Your Library, under Videos.

You'll also be notified when new episodes are available.

Note: This feature isn't available on mobile (unless you have Premium). Find out more about Spotify on mobile.

Find videos

  1. Tap Browse  in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap Videos.
  3. Browse Featured Shows or All video shows. Tap any for more information.

Play videos

  1. On a video show page, tap an episode to begin watching.
  2. The video plays at the top of the screen. Tap the video to view play options, such as pause and skip.
  3. Make the video full screen by tapping it again, then tap expand.

Follow videos

Tap FOLLOW on the video show page.

The video series and all its episodes are now saved in Your Library, under Videos.

You'll also be notified when new episodes are available.

More video options

Tap  (iOS)  (Android) in the top-right of the video show page, or to the right of an episode title. This lets you do the following: 

  • Get more information about the video series or episode.
  • Share videos with your friends and to your social channels.
  • Schedule videos by adding them to your Play Queue.

Tap  on the video show page to sort and filter episodes.


Videos will use more data than music due to larger file sizes. But we find, overall, our data usage seems comparable to other popular video channels.

If you can’t find something specific, it might not be available on Spotify. We’d love to have everything available. Sometimes though, agreements haven’t yet been reached with the content provider or a change may happen in content ownership.

Content providers require digital rights management (DRM) protection against unauthorized viewing of some of their content. Only newer operating systems can satisfy the technical requirements of DRM, so devices with older operating systems are unable to view certain videos. To fix this, just make sure your device is up-to-date with the latest OS or firmware and try again.

It’s not currently possible to download videos to watch offline.

Last updated: 19 September, 2018