Where did my music go?

Is something you followed or saved in Your Music / Your Library missing? Don’t panic! It might be that: 

  • Licensing agreements with the artist/label, or ownership of the music itself, has changed.
    This can result in content being removed while new agreements are negotiated. Hopefully it will reappear soon. A quick search should reveal whether it’s still available.
  • You’ve hit the save limit.
    Each account can save up to 10,000 songs in Your Music / Your Library (saving albums also goes towards this limit as the sum of its track total + 1). Reaching this limit prevents you from saving additional content. 

    You can check how many songs are currently saved in Your Music / Your Library via the desktop app:
    1. Go to Songs under Your Music.
    2. Select all.
      • (Cmd+A (Mac)
      • Ctrl+A (Windows)
    3. Click to drag (the number should appear next to your cursor).​

      Tip: You can free up space by removing existing content from Your Music / Your Library. Alternatively, you can move some saved content into a playlist instead.
  • It was saved to Your Music / Your Library on another Spotify account. Make sure you log in correctly, or check our guide to finding any other accounts.