Using Spotify on your Samsung Smart TV

Want to use Spotify on your TV? With the Spotify app on Samsung Smart TVs, it’s possible.

Spotify Premium subscribers can enjoy on-demand access to Spotify on their Samsung Smart TV devices. You can:

  • Access the Spotify catalogue with over 30 million tracks.
  • Search tracks, albums, and artists.
  • Browse new releases, top tracks, albums in your region.
  • Browse and play your playlists.
  • Add to existing playlists.
  • Browse and subscribe to friends’ playlists.
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The Spotify app on Samsung Smart TV is available on all Smart TVs released by Samsung in 2012 and 2013 E series 4000-9000 in all Spotify launch countries.

For older Smart TV products, please check the download area on the Smart TV to see which applications are available. Content Providers may remove applications from the Samsung Smart TV platform without notice.

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