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Episode length and limits

Here's how long you can record for in one continuous take with Spotify for Podcasters.


No time limit - add as many segments as you like. We recommend keeping episodes to an hour or less.

Solo recording

When recording audio via the Record tab in Spotify for Podcasters, the limit depends on your device and browser:

  • Via Spotify for Podcasters web on Chrome: 30 minutes.
  • Via Spotify for Podcasters web on Safari: 5 minutes.
  • Via the Spotify for Podcasters mobile app: 2 hours.

Record with Friends

2 hours. Note that the longer you record for, the more likely connection issues could occur and interrupt the recording. Try recording with your friends in shorter bursts of 15 minutes or so.

Voice messages

1 minute. But you can add multiple voice messages to your episodes back-to-back.

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