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Connecting Spotify using Bluetooth

Seamlessly stream Spotify with Bluetooth:

  • In the car
    Find out more about Spotify in your car.
  • On wireless devices
    Such as speakers and headphones.

A handy way to play, even when you don’t have WiFi.

Set it up

To listen to Spotify via Bluetooth, you’ll need to pair the device you want to listen on with a phone, tablet, or computer that has Spotify on it:

  1. Ensure that Bluetooth is switched on in the car, or on the speakers or headphones you want to listen on, as well as the device you're playing Spotify from. 
  2. In your Spotify device’s Bluetooth settings, select the device you want to listen on. 
  3. Open Spotify. 
  4. Play a song.

Note: Spotify isn’t supported across all Bluetooth devices. For a better way to listen on your speakers, TVs, or games consoles, you can use Spotify Connect

Having issues with Spotify playback?

If Spotify is losing connection regularly or stuttering when streaming, try these steps.