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Spotify on Xbox One

Listen to Spotify on your Xbox One console!

Features include:

  • Play music in the background while gaming.
  • Browse playlists from different genres and moods. Or check out new releases.
  • Play your own playlists or songs from Your Music.
  • Search for any song, album, or playlist.
  • Use Spotify Connect to control the music from your mobile device.

Find Spotify in the Entertainment menu of your Xbox One, under All apps.

Tip: Don’t have a Spotify account? Just open the Spotify app on Xbox One and select SIGN UP to create one! 

Log in with Spotify Connect

The easiest way log in to your Spotify account on Xbox One is with Spotify Connect

  1. Have your phone or tablet at the ready, on the same WiFi connection as your Xbox One. 
  2. On your phone/tablet, open and log in to the Spotify app. 
  3. Open the Spotify app on Xbox One.
  4. Select LOG IN.
  5. Follow the steps on the screen.
  6. All done! You can now use your phone as a remote to control the music on your Xbox One.

Log in with your Spotify username & password

  1. Select LOG IN.
  3. Select Password.
  4. Enter your username and password, and select LOG IN.

Note: It’s not possible to log in this way if you created your account with Facebook. Instead, you can log in with Spotify Connect (see the steps above). 

Log out 

  1. From the Spotify app on Xbox, select the profile image in the top-right of the screen.
  2. Select Log out.

You can navigate the app using the directional buttons, or with L3. Press A to select features. 

Scroll through screens using the directional buttons to access other areas of the app.

Search for music

  1. Use the directional buttons to highlight the search icon in the top-right corner, and press A.
  2. Use the directional buttons to type in what you're looking for. 
  3. Select Done to search.
  4. Use the directional buttons to highlight a search result and press A to start playing.

Alternatively, use Spotify Connect to use your phone to control the music remotely.

  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller to bring up the Xbox menu.
  2. Select Spotify to choose and play some music. It continues playing when you return to your game via the Xbox menu.
  3. Find the play bar at the bottom of the Xbox menu to skip songs, play/pause, or adjust the volume.

Alternatively, use Spotify Connect to use your phone to control the music remotely.

Tip: If the game allows, you can disable in-game music for the best Spotify experience.

Need help?

For more help, check out Xbox support.