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Spotify in the car

Hitting the road? There are several ways to bring Spotify with you in the car, whether you have Spotify Free or Premium.

In most newer vehicles, you can listen to Spotify through the entertainment system. There are a range of different connection methods: 

Cars geared with Spotify 

Some cars have been pre-fitted with Spotify, so you don’t even need to set up a connection.

These include BMWMINIVolvoJaguar Land Rover.

Note: Spotify availability with some manufacturers can vary depending on region. 

Offline listening

If you’re a Premium subscriber, you can activate your playlists for offline listening. This ensures your music can go even where the internet can’t. 

For your safety

Only use your mobile device when allowed by law, and conditions permit safe use.

Always set up your mobile device and start Spotify before beginning to drive. Avoid interacting with your device while the vehicle is in motion.

Never let your use of a mobile device distract you from the driving task. Always drive safely, with your hands on the wheel and eyes and attention on the road.