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When will my audiobook be available for sale?

You can expect to see your title live at most retailers in 2–4 weeks from the time you submit for distribution (Audible in particular tends to take longer than most retailers and can take up to 30-45 days). To prevent any delays, please ensure that your book meets our technical specifications.

Finding your audiobook:

Retailer Links: The Retailer Links tool is now available for authors to retrieve their URL's for their audiobook(s). Please note this tool is still in beta and will improve over time. Click here to access the Retailer Links dashboard

Retailer Link Digest: Within 30 days after publishing at least one audiobook, you will begin to receive a weekly email digest for each distributed audiobook title that contains a list of new retailer links that were found. If no new links were found, you will not receive an email.

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